Monday, August 27, 2007

Gee thanks

OK I get a call from the investigator. There will be NO ONE else coming to my house. This is 20 minutes after I posted. She says she doesn't feel the need to com back out. Our licensor also contacted her and gave her the info I sent her and apparently gave us the thumbs up as we are good people (???)
The investegator feels there is no need to be coming out to the house and that in the 90 days this case will be closed as unsubstantiated. She did warn me that I will get a letter in 45 stating that we are being investigated for child abuse. It is a "standard form letter".
It is still all BS and the fact that it was opened at all is something that amazes me.
So there you have it

Now tomorrow..... Bear goes for a visit. I have to deal with the transporter from hell. I have a doctor appointment and I will hope she UNDERSTANDS that I may need to meet her somewhere other than home. Maybe she will not freak out over road construction?
The next day I have to go to UW for the perinatologist. My doctor actually scheduled the UW appointment. DIDN'T tell me AND scheduled me with THEM the same day LOL. Yeah I am not that good to be in two places at once.

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Maerlowe said...

I'm so glad that they've already decided to rule as unsubstantiated. So, so glad.