Monday, April 30, 2007

I got it

I found a 'retired' Wilton cake pan for Frankie's birthday!!! OK the cake pan isn't for his birthday BUT I will be able to bake him the coolest cake I hope he has ever had!! The cake pan is the Pikachu (Pokemon) one. Is it bad I am excited I found one? haha OK Off to bed now I swear!!!

Tomorrow you all will hear my vent about lack of parental involvement in education....


is here :) I picked him up this afternoon. He is mostly potty trained (YEAH!!!) He is closer to three than two, the same size as my just two year old. He seems so darn happy to be with his brothers. Mini-man looked at Lance when he was in his bed and looked at me with that questioning what the heck pose and said "Mama mo ya-ya?" Which is miniman speak for "Mom MORE brothers??"
So I have my little one on my lap now snoring. Which is no litle feat for a big two year old haha. Lance and Pierce are happy as can be to be together again and also sharing a room. Miniman would normally be in there too but he has not felt well today.
Tomorrow DH is picking up a stroller for me I got on Craigslist. double stroller. I figure that you know, I will need it one way or another.
That is it for now. I am putting a load of diapers in the wash and going to sleep. I start tomorrow off as the mom of SIX boys!


The car is now at carseat capacity! That is just funny to think about. But I may be able to fit one more seat in there but it wouldbe pushing it.
I seriously need to start a PayPal donation account for a larger vehicle hahahaha
I have NO clue as to when I should expect reimbursement for the boys. See how prepared I was to do foster care?? hahaha I am just happy I have their medical coupons you know?? Starting them in speech therapy and counseling and the cavities that were left unchecked..... well it all keeps me busy busy busy.
Still waiting on news of baby girl. Though I have a feeling, somewhere in the back of my mind, that things are not going to work out with her. Maybe 'too good to be true' jitters?

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sibling #3

will be here Tuesday evening barring anything unusual. I am really looking forward to it and I am nervous as heck! Six boys in the house? That will be a change. Six kids. Well I have always wanted a large family. This is one way to jump in with both feet.
Cute story. Pierce is sleeping with a Pokemon blanket that Baggage got my two older boys years ago when she was in Japan. You all should have seen this little boy. He laughed and giggled because he was using "The coolest blanket ever". It is nice to see him so happy and carefree and his biggest concern is the cool blanket he is using that night :)
Talking with their social worker, she said there was a marked difference between when I was with the boys and when I left them. So it appears that the structure and clear rules I have given them is woking.
I got all the paperwork in the mail today to fill out for the boys. The same things Bio-mom left behind. I am almost done and they will be back in the mail on Monday. Really not that hard but very complete. Unfortunately I cannot answer their birth weight or the pregnancy info.
The rooms are rearranged for FS#3. DH laughed and said I was really good at playing "Bedroom Tetris" to make everyone fit where they needed to be and comfortable :)

Friday, April 27, 2007

I love him

I got ahold of dh via email and he said "we will take the 2 y/o in to keep the family together" No questions no reservation no second guessing just yes. Seems he feels like I do that these boys need to be kept together.
That man has a huge heart. I knew there was a reason I married him ;)

Funny things didn't work out with us getting the B boys and here I am with three more boys in the house anyway. Things all have a reason for working the way they do......


You know I want to say first off I am trying my best to be a supportive foster mom. I love the boys and I am helping them with their school etc. I give the mom colorings the boys do and pictures I tell the boys Mom and Dad love them even though they never ask.....
But it frustrates me....close to angers me, when I hear how Mom is not complying with things to get her boys back. Leaving paperwork behind refusing to talk to sw's etc. Why? Seriously you would think she would be bending over backwards to get the boys back. Par for the course? Will she ever get her butt in gear? ugh
OK back to watching Happy Feet with my penguin obsessed brood hehehe

Call me CRAZY

We may be taking in the brother of the two boys!! SIX kids??? That would bring the ages of the boys here to 12, 8, 6 5, 2 and 2!!
The baby (2y/o) has a placement ONLY until next week. Then he will be thrown back into the shuffle. Is it bad that I want to keep these boys together??

eta: they are granting an exception to license us for one more for when the baby girl is born should we take in the 2 y/o

I said no

The 3 and 4 y/o. The 3 y/o would be a great fit. The 4 y/o might be much harder to work in our family. If these two were our only two we could do it. But it just won't work as part of our larger family. It is so hard to say no.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Well the visit ran long... it went well I suppose. I left. Went in the back door dropped the little ones off saw their little brother (What a cutie pie!!) and left. I got a suitcase with their clothes and a letter for the boys and...... one for me. It was nice to be honest. To see a letter from a mom who is going through what she is going throug. It was nice. She addressed it to "Our extended family". Now I do not see us having BBQ's and all together or anything but it was touching.
It is funny in her letter it mentioned letting them draw pictures etc and I had sent them with pictures they drew for their parents. They also took well to the picture I took and sent with the boys. I hope they understand I love their boys like my own and I am treating them well.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I am not cut out for foster parenting. I am working with these boys and on a daily basis they are improving. Their interaction with one another, their manners, their speech everything is getting better all the time. Yet in the back of my mind I wonder how much effort I am putting into their development and trying to catch them back up and wondering if it will even last a day or two after they get home? Is all this "effort" for nothing?
I see SO much potential in these boys. I suppose if I can leave just a little impression and rub a little bit of good influence off onto them it is worth it right? Please tell me I am right?
I am hoping that things go well tomorrow. I have prepared the boys saying we are probably going to see their mom and dad. The oldest said "you mean my other ones?". But I said the probably because if mom or dad flakes I don't want them to blame them or to be mad at me for not producing them you know? But I printed out a picture I took here for biomom and biodad. I hope that is OK.
Man it sucks to be new lol


Baby girl is not born yet. Some things make me want the WHOLE story of this little unborn one and her mother. That will come though

The 3 y/o and 4 y/o. I got their placement, child information sheets. Gave me enough information that I know I will need to discuss the possibility with DH in depth. Lots of things we have to discuss on that one.

Good news. I officially got our liense. Yeah it is dated last week the DAY that we took in Frankie and Pierce. haha

I got a call from our official placement coordinator out of the 'local' office. She was introducing herself and all.
So there is my day!!

Tomorrow morning/afternoon We have the first parental visitation. Lord help me. I am nervous!!

Aaaaaaand the potential

placements keep rolling in. Today I got an email about a 3 y/o girl and a 4 y/o boy. These would be adotive placements.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

May I vent

We got Frankie and Pierce the day after they were taken from their home. They have a younger brother. He (the brother) was taken that first night into another foster home. The older boys, my boys were placed with an emergency placement for one night then here.
Fine things happen and with emergency removals from home you may not have all of the information on the children. BUT I get the kids placed with me on Thursday. I am told their names and ages and given their files. So far so good right? Friday their worker calls me and says well the youngests name we gave you isn't his name it is this name. "His mom told us that was his name" The kids are insistant that no that is not his name his name is the original name we were told. I let the worker know "they boys insist his name is this" She says "oh the Mom may be wrong" WHAT?!?!?! The mom doesn't know for sure?? Oh man. That gives me warm fuzzies.
So you know what? We call the little one by the name he says is his.
Yet all of our paperwork and his medical card (which I got Aprils and Mays in the mail today) has his original name we were given not the name his mother says is his name. Confused yet?? haha


That is our first visitation. OY!
Frankie and Pierce have a two hour monitored visitation at DSHS. I wonder If I can take off and go run an errand I need to run?
Biomom wants to meet me to talk to me. The worker said by phone only. I understand why she does. Even with her troubles these are her babies. I am just waiting to hear how much I am ruining her children or something. Maybe I am being pessimistic though and it will go just fine...
The court date went OK The parents have lots of mandated "goals". In the court paperwork it also mentioned a visitation on a specific day next month. Frankie's birthday. So I am guessing we will have them at least until then huh? So I have got to prepare to have a party for Frankie!!! Maybe he can make some friends at school? Would a party be incentive for him to be a bit more outgoing? I don't want to push either
I do however see a Pokemon party in my future haha.
Oh I have the right to enroll them in whatever programs they need. I knew that but I was unsure
Things are falling into place that is for sure. Working a lot easier at home. I am more caught up aroung the house with five kids moreso than just three!! How inthe heck does that work out?? I guess out of necesity? Well laundry is caught up, dishes are done etc.
Well that is it for now

Monday, April 23, 2007


I got the qustion. are you planning on keeping the boys? My answer "i know this; I will have them as long as they need me" "No I mean adopt them" Our goal here is reunification. that is what everyone wants right. Get these boys with mom and/or dad. But would I be a bad woman to admit that I would take them as our own forever in a heartbeat. I honestly love these boys and I am becoming more attached to them and they're settling in. I know I will miss these boys with all of my heart.

I got a call from Frankies new teacher. She said she never got a card on the first day with a foster child from the foster parent. I introduced myself and that I was his foster mom and my son is there at school should he have any trouble and need help he could help. It also had all of my contact info on it and said that I would be there for whatever is needed. She went over what he tested and that he was quite behind and we have a lot of work ahead of us.

Now to find if I can sign them up for school services like speech therpy etc. Being new to this is hmmmm interesting


Not really something that was said but the enthusiasim that it was done with. The boys LOVE doing chores, having responsibility and getting rewards for doing chores. We have them on the same ticket system the other boys are on. Do your chore get a ticket turn in a ticket to watch tv or play a game for 30 minutes. So far they LOVE it. So we will stick with it!


Well they have a court date this afternoon at one. The SW is setting up an hour visit for Dad and Frankie and Pierce soon. Probably in the next couple of days. The boys being my first placement and this being my first cisitation I know nothing about what to expect other than it is in a room at DSHS.
Pretty specific no??

Sunday, April 22, 2007

ummmm names??

We are tossing around girl names. I know we are trying to not to put all of our eggs in one basket counting on the newborn adoption working out. BUT even if we adopt a girl at a later date we would be asking.

We have narrowed it down to a few names:

The middle names would be Cecilia Marie. Yes two middle names they are after family and two middle names is a tradition

Our top faves....
Gretchen (nickname Greta)
Gwendolyn (nicknames Gwen and Wendy)



while at the store today Frankie says "so is this where you get all of that good tasting food?"

Saturday, April 21, 2007

a gem

I figure to keep perspective on this whole thing at the end of the day I should post one positive event with the boys.
I am trying to keep to the positive side of this whole thing. Really the outbursts and everything. Who can blame them right?

Today's gem:
During story time Frankie and Pierce were very engaged in the story. Reacting to what was being read. They said thank you for the story as well. Their eyes truly sparkled while listening.


We were not planing on doing just straight fostering at all. I am wondering how in the heck I agreed to this haha. We were just going to foster/adopt but here we are just fostering these boys until their parent(s) can get them back.
Funny how things change.


to all of the new readers! I love having you all reading my thoughts and providing feedback. I am TERRIBLE at responding to you all but I promise I will try to get better!


since Friday..ONE fight. They have bickered and heck that always happens with siblings but only one fight. So much better. I may even brave the store with them again tomorrow.
I will be calling the 6 y/o Frankie (after blue eyes) and the 5 y/o He will be dubbed Pierce (he has piercing blue eyes)
DH has duty and is missing out on the fun today. haha But he is thinking of me I am sure.
I have gotten a couple of hugs today!! Huge milestone :) I also have a beautiful Pokemon picture that Pierce colored for me.
Talking to the social worker there will be an hour visitation a week. Maybe two one for Mom and one for Dad. I said if they work around MY schedule I could do the driving to DSHS. Of course I get paid for mileage.
Pierce is not in kindergarten. For whatever reason. I really think he is smart enough to be, and old enough . I called my friend down the street who is actually a kindergarten teacher at the local school. She is helping me gather some resources to help him and keep him educationally stimulated.
Frankie starts school Monday. I am anxious. However I don't think he cares much.

You know the other thing.... Does DSHS normally drop kids off without using car seats to transport them? The worker who dropped the boys off did not have any car seats and these boys are BOTH required car seats under the law. I have car seats and bought a booster so that isn't an issue for me. I was just wondering if that was "normal"

Friday, April 20, 2007

Some of the saddest things

That I have heard today
-"you mean I get more than broccoli for dinner?"
-" Here is the towel I used so everyone else can use it." "But honey we all get our own towels" "We do?!?!?! That's cool!" Said with the biggest smile on his face.

They ate dinner like champs. Seems they like everything so I was worried about nothing! I did let the pick out fuits today. We have one pineapple and several types of apples haha they love them
They got new underwear and PJ's and they loved picking them out!
The boys are 6 and 5.
The oldest will start school Monday! I am excited hehe. They have a lot of rivalry. They come to physical blows often. I have bruises on my legs from kicks and on my arms from pinches. BUT things are getting better.
I got another call about the baby today. Mom is out of the hospital. Walking around at 4cm dialated! Jeesh could be anytime. The worker wanted to talk to us about our willingness for an open adoption and all. Interesting convo. The baby may have been drug exposed in early pregnancy. They will be doing a screen at birth as well. Keep her and her momma in your prayers if you could.
No more time to update. So more to come after bed time ;)

How you deal with children who do not know what they like? When given a choice they get confused you get over the fear of running into their parents around town? you get some of their favorites things at the grocery store if they can't tell you what they are

I was confuzzled

about the shirt comment I had in another post. Now I say "duh" as I smack myself in the forehead. I forgot about the footer picture on this blog! That is my litle ones most favorite mythbusters T-shirt. On the front it say undeniable Nerdy the back says exceedingly cool MYTHBUSTERS.

Talk about jumping in

We got our foster care cherry popped to put it crudely. The worker who dropped the boys off literally did just that, dropped and ran. This is my my first placement I am new to it all. I get a "here are the boys here is their 'stuff'. Bye" I got two beautiful little boys a change of clothes for one of them and their files. That is it. It made me realized hoe unprepared I was. I really should have had some underwear and socks at the very least. The oldest of the boys was ready to make his own dinner and do it all himself. He wasn't sure what to do when I told him that here, the mommy makes the meals.
Reading why the boys are in care. Well I am glad they were not actually involved. I need to come up with some cute nicknames for the little guys.
How long will they be here? we have no idea. Neither did the placement coordinator. Of course the hope is that they will get back with their mom soon.

Thank you to Baggage and her wonderful readers for all of their support. Dang now I sound like a Bartyle and James commercial.

The baby girl is no longer pending immediate delivery. They have stopped moms labor. The baby girl is due next month so that is a good thing ;) I will still be called by the workers or the hospital when she is born. I will have to head down to the University to pick her up. But it is all worth it.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Two boys will be here this afternoon for a foster care placement. And we may be getting an adoptive placement of a newborn baby girl as early as this weekend! holy moly!!
the ink on our approval isn't dry yet!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

finaly finalized?

Could it be? Well we can hope. After a couple of weeks and back and forths P and I are waiting on her supervisor to sign off on it. Her email today was it was still on the pile of to be completed she is hoping it will be done this afternoon or tomorrow.

This has been a pain! Being told we are good to adopt then well the foster care license wasn't completed. Then it got kicked back now we are just waiting... STILL
For a state in dire need of good homes they sure put you through enough waiting... but I understand the need to be thorough.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

More reasons

Why we decided to adopt (specifically from the foster care system. these are an example why watching the news is so difficult for me lately.

Man beats 3 month old daughter

"man"rapes adopted dughter

And of course the story of the 'anniversary' of a baby found dead on the side of the road. No identification of the baby was ever made and the mother never found.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


P called today she is finishing up her part and it will be on her sups desk today! So things are getting progressed forward.
So now yet again. I wait. This is the longest and hardest "pregnancy" I have ever had LMAO

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Got it

The last piece of paperwork needed to prove to P's supervisor that we are prepared to be foster/adopt parents. P is convinced, her supervisor isn't. P says she is wondering if she is actually READING our file or not. So that paper from my oldests counselor is in the mail AND in an e-mail to P. I OF COURSE made a copy for our records. One thing I learned. Keep copies of everything!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

I can help them

My foster care licensor's supervisor (boy THAT is a mouthfull), said she is concernd that I may have difficulties with a child with learning disabilities. Why?? Because my children are "bright". Ummm OK do you think they were just hatched that way? Little pod smarties or something lol No the fact is I work with them, I read to them I did what I could to strengthn their weak points.
I have dealt with and I AM dealing with a form of dyslexia. My oldest and middle deal with it too. Chances are miniman will too. I have volunteered helping in the classroom assisting kids with reading etc
But yet it may may be too much for me?? WTF?

Friday, April 06, 2007


I picked up this neat cup called cupsicle. They look so cool....haha COOL gosh I crack myself up.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

No go

on the 'B' boys. It is actually quite disappointing. But I know the perfect kids are out there waiting to become part of our family.