Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Race, ethnicity and adoption

It was a question on the adoption paperwork that I struggled the most. I could easily answer the question about if I had a problem parenting a child who was gay or lesbian. No problem. I mean how would I know even if one obio kids were? Well The boys couldn't be lesbians but you get my drift. Would I love them less? No way. Would I think less of them? Nope
But when it came to the question do I feel I could effectively parent a child of a different racial background.... I struggled with it. I put it off until the end of everything. I come from a VERY racially mixed background. My stepfather was african american (we he still is...just not my stepfather anymore) So I have that influence of his family growing up. My oldest son is part Korean. That is just a touch on the racial diversity I have known.
So parenting a child of a different race should be no problem right? Well I am not sure I (we) could properly raise an African American boy to be a strong black man. A strong man SURE. But he also would need more than we could provide when it comes to making him culturally aware.
Am I wrong? Does it make me a bad person for thinking this?

Sunday, November 26, 2006

First aid

I am debating....with myself so I am not sure if that can be considered a debate HMMM Anyway, I have a basic first aid kit. I need a new one I am considering getting a first responder kit. It is a little more but it truly has EVERYTHING in it.

So now I considering dropping about $100 on the darn kit.

This one Has Everything required and then some

This one Is the bare minimum and I will have to add a few things

HUGE price difference huh? So which do I go for? hmmmm

Saturday, November 25, 2006


Well there are lots of changes here in the state with the foster care system. Changes in everything from which case worker covers which area, which creates an issue that the woman DH had the interview with may not be our worker and that interview may have been for nothing! GRRR To changes in the outside agencies that are contracted with the state. Can I say how delightful it is to be entering this process at this point??
The outside agency that is supposed to assist people through the whole application and approval process their website is not even up the person who covers our area quit after 2 weeks. I am glad we were able to muddle our way through the paperwork and didn't need much help hahaha.

Friday, November 24, 2006

If we were approved today....

I would put in a request to be considered for this little boy he seems like the perfect fit for our family doesn't he? I am sure though by the time we are approved he will have found a home. GREAT for him but darnit. I know we are looking for a sibling group but then a child like this comes up and really gets your interest!

Monday, November 20, 2006

the papers

Are in the MAIL!! They should get them at DSHS probably tomorrow! Of course just in time for the holidays grrr. I hope my references get their paperwork early next month. BUT that may be hoping too much maybe??

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


once again may I express my distaste for bureaucracy, the amount of paperwork required is a pain in da butt. its not really that much but some of it needs "outside" resources Ie medical etc. and thats a pain. that is all just annoyed.

Monday, November 13, 2006

To do

I need to buy:
-A fireplace screen (if worker requires one since the gas is turned off to the fireplace)
-a LOCKABLE file cabinet
-another fire extinguisher
-waterproof mattress pads/covers
-bunk beds (at least one full/full bed)
-carseat (replace Grady's with a Britax and use his for foster child)

Not a bad list to be honest. Not too much to buy or do to get ready for the home study.

I need to... write my fire evacuation plan, get mine and DH's medical report, mail in my application packet on Monday and get the 4 of my WONDERFUL references to return their paperwork.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


A touch of funny irony here. I watch Sesame Street With my youngest every day. Would you like to know the topic of the last couple of shows? Gina adopted a son from Guatemala! hahaha Funny no. Gina Adopting perfect!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

I am

finished with the pre-service classes!! Thank the Lord I am DONE. It was eye opening and informative but I am still glad it is over.
You want to know a disturbing statistic here in WA state? In 2005 there were over 79,000 children who were in the foster care system for various reasons. There were ONLY 5,300 licensed foster homes. That means on average each home would have more than 14 children per year, that is IF they all worked at capacity of 6 children at once.
It makes me want to have more room so we could foster some children as well.