Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ok not

too bad. I just needed to answer more questions and also get a paper about the oldest. UGH


I posted this I got a reply email from P she is going to call me in 10 minutes. Make anyone else nervous?? Yeah me too

Phone calls

I called the adoption licensor "C". C said that she was waiting on the foster license STILL from P. Whaaaaaa? I thought it was done?!?!?! So I called P and followed up with an email. I have a very bad feeling there is something that is going to get in the way of our pursuing adoption.

Saturday, March 24, 2007


I have heard nothing about the sibling group- the 'B' boys. They just sounded so perfect. I am wondering though what IS holding things up? Now as soon as I post this I will shortly there after hear something. It is just the way it goes haha

Friday, March 16, 2007


Well I was told that unless we wanted to go into the whole thing with NO reimbursements we have to WAIT to inquire about those boys! Why because now there is a delay in the foster license. Something we were told was already done. Ugh I admit it I am impatient.

The other

day When I was at Costco. Yes I now I have an unhealthy obsession with the place you do not have to tell me that. But I was browsing at the home improveement stuff. They had a really need plug and go alarm system. We have talked about getting a security system for the house have consulted with ADT and all but we are still on the fence. This though seems like an awsome deal. It is supposed to be the best in its field and the price is extremely reasonable.
With the Costco membership we can also get a reduced rate on the monitoring of the system.

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Well I..

made the first step. I made an inguiry about the sibling group.
So we will see.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Do we want to?

There is a sibling pair here in the PNW I have looked at. The youngest is close to my youngests age. The youngest has some muscle tone issues. He is about 12-14 months behind developmentaly. I have done some reading up and the muscle tone could be because of MD, CP or aoms other underlying disease. Not knowing the history of the child and the testing he has gone through I will not know. All I would have to do is get more information and I would know one way or another. Why don't I want to know? the turmoil of having to possibly say no.

Monday, March 12, 2007

No word

I emailed the adoption worker asking about a sibling pair we saw listed in Oregon. I still have not heard anything back. They would be a challenge that is for sure. But it seems like a little good parenting will go a long way with these two. I can hope we hear something back here soon. Either way really.

Little Man

The little man wears glasses. He doesn't have a super strong prescription or anything but he still has to weat his glasses. We have talked about getting him a pair of prescription sunglasses or at the very least some transitions lenses. There are a lot of stylish sunglasses out there and FINALLY they are starting to do some good things with RX glasses as well.
I keep stopping to look at Telescopes too. I remember having a cheapo one when I was little to look at the moon. I loved it. I know the little man would be charting the heavens in no time.

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Ohie Dokie

My mother called to inform me that she gave my phone number to a co-worker of hers. The story is that this girl is pregnant with her second child, cannot afford to raise another child and her boyfriend is a loser. This girl is going to the dr this week to see how far along she is and to discuss "options". My Mom let her know we are looking to adopt (though through the foster care system) but we are not able to pay large amounts of money as some do for private adoptions. At the very least if this girl calls i may be able to chat with her and talk to her about how to cope. If anything else will come out of it we will see....

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Part of all of this rearrangement around here has been replacing lighting around the house. Upgrading from the stock construction grade fixtures. I LOVE the new Bathroom Lights I put in my newly painted bathroom downstairs. It changes the whole look. OK I know the paint helps too haha. The upgrade to fans downstairs in the living room and our room was one of the best things we have done.
Now to get some lighting for along the driveway.... Or fencepost lights for the backyard. That will be nice

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In an attempt to find medicine I never actually lost (long story). I rearranged #3's bedroom. You can read about that fun adventure here Houdini The update to that? Yeah my medicine never left the van!! which is why I did not find it in the locked medicine cabinet I keep all of the meds in. Now what he ran off with? The thing I was SURE was my medicine?? I have no idea. But I can guarantee I found it by now LOL
Anyway back to the rearrangement. The kiddo now has bunkbeds in his room. The whole room looks SO open now. So I have the room to set up a crib should it be needed.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


The one thing about all of this anticipation and worry about the whole anticipation and worry and stress ofver the whole application and approval process does one heck of a number on my skin! I survived fairly well through teenhood without the constant break-outs. Though when I hit 30 life changed. No not THE change LOL but lots of skin changes breakouts and all. I try to have a decent skin regimine to try to keep on on things. The variety of Skin Care Products amazes me! Honestly. That site though has some great higher end products. .I really do think if you find something that works for you the costs isn't a huge deal (unless of course you are going way over buget). Finding the right product can be so hard. Once you DO find something that works, stick with it!

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made the call about doing respite care for foster parents. Our worker, You know I will just refer to her as C. Well thought it would be a great idea. Specificaly to transition prospective adoptive children into our home. Hey nothing like getting paid for a weekend visit LOL.

Foster care

Foster care. The mere phrase brings a bunch of visions to peoples minds. Most are or filthy little children with abusive parents, the kids being placed in a home where the alternative does not appear to be much better.
But the truth is quite different. Foster parents are here to help those children and be the loving caring home while their parents get the help they need A lot of the time that help also includes drug detox. To help the parents become well and ultimately reunify their family. We all know I can NEVER get into specifics here though.
Having a good detox program much like stonehawk could greatly help these parents and get their families back together soon

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Well here I sit. Afte that first placement call I have heard nothing else. nothing. It is a little sad. OK well for me. I guess I am an instant gratification type of person. And I am in the wrong position to be impatient. I guess I will make a call todayand ask all of what is involved in respite care and could I get started on that?
Plus there are a coupld of children in Oregon that I would love to know more about

Friday, March 02, 2007


Ok so maybe preparing for this adoption isn't AS bad as a new parent having a baby. I really do not need THAT much. Some things it certainly wouldn't hurt to have but if tomorrow I got 2 infants and a toddler I could survive until we could get out to buy whatever. But me being me and especially if I had THREE other little ones here I would try to get all of my shopping done online. Me being the frugal gal that I am I would use as many coupons as I could! Anyone who has looked at the numbers knows that the state reembursement won't cover too much. Since I have a registry at Target I could get a lot there :)

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I wonder

If foster parents ever watch the news and wonder "Is that child going to end up with me?" The breaking news a 4 y/o child SHOT their 3 y/o sibling with a .357!!!! By some miracle the child who was shot only suffered superficial wounds and will live. But OMG! they are lucky that is for sure.