Thursday, March 13, 2008

See you all soon

As I have been boring everyone with on Gina's Ramblings, our baby will be arriving very soon. As in tomorrow.
I got respite care for Bear set up early (I love how much she works with me on this!) So Ihave to pack his bag today. I packed DH's bag for his deployment last night. Yeah do the mental math there... even early he will miss the birth of his daughter. LeSigh

She's got Leeeeeegggsssss and

she knows how to sell them. You all have heard me chat about my friend Baggage and her adventures, misadventures? haha in foster care and adoption. Well she is running a contest on her site to promote BugLegs
You can check out my post about it on Gina's Ramblings

Monday, March 10, 2008

Oh Mav

The placement they found for him was a temporary placement on a trial basis. It didn't last the weekend before they called to have him removed. Dangit!!! It is so upsetting for me.
Mav's football coach, we know he was a co-worker of DH's. We got him and Mav back together, he is a great mentor. He may be staying there for awhile with his coach. But this whole thing has me ticked off. I hate that it feels like I failed him. And now it seems like it is the beginning for the 'follow the bouncing ball' bouncing of foster placements!
I am angry at the system, angry at family situations and family actions all around. How much of this could have been avoided LONG LONG ago had the first parent done things closer to right you know? The system fails these kids. Heck Mavs coach could have been involved from the DAY Mav was removed but no one returned his call!! We were the third placement he blew through his fourth placement in a couple of days.
I am glad we know these people and glad that we offered to stay in touch. We talked to the new possible placements as friends and were brutally honest. We encouraged them to read up on RAD. they know us our parenting styles and our children. So I hope they take it all seriously.

Friday, March 07, 2008

And we have

a phone call. they asked for US to drop him off at the office. I am thrilled. BUT he has a placement and will be there tonight.
It is a load off of my mind

Does anyone

do their job anymore?!!?!
I gave workers notice a month ago to have Mav moved. We were all clear on that understanding. The child has been expelled from school. He is home he is anxious, he KNOWS he is set to move and is OK with it. Sad because the boys here are his friends but OK with itbecause I did tell him that he s welcome to keep in touch at all times. But the dang workers on this one dropped the ball. There is no home set up. They asked yesterday for more time NO. I am due to have a husband deploy, company arrive and have a baby all within the next couple of weeks! I need the brief time to get stuff ready.
There was supposed to be a visit yesterday. No one showed up to pick him up. No phone call NOTHING. They all knew they were going to cancel they just didn't bother telling him nor I. This is all great for a kid who thinks all social workers are idiots as it is... They are not trying to disprove his theor are they?
So anyway. He is here, stuff packed and wondering if they "forgot about him again". If I could get a phone call returned I would be golden. Maybe I should show up to the office with him in tow?

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I have been told

to just not care at this point. But I do. Part of my save the world stuff. Mav, who will be moved in 2 days was EXPELLED from school today. Not suspended expelled! I won't go into the details but it is very RADish and a reason we wanted him moved. I actually want to take partial blame because of us moving him etc. UGH I wish I could turn off the care.

Sunday, March 02, 2008


I called Bears biomom today we chatted about his upcoming year check-up. I told her when and where it is so she can come if she wanted to. We talked a bit and she asked if I was expecting a baby soon. I told her yes the 18th. She was so happy and even happier when I told her Bear was staying here ;)
We chatted a bit about him and his birthday (tomorrow) and what I got him. I was able to find Yupik childrens books for him. She was in shock that A: they made them and B: I took the time to find them :) She said how happy she is that I am doing those things for him.....
She later asked if I was willing to be a permanant resource for him! She says she is still trying to get him back but if she doesn't she wants to know if we would keep him. Yeah chew on that one. Knocked me on my butt :)
She thanked me again for the picture and all. They love it.