Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Mav... well he has had more good days. Bu still the same power struggles and the same lying about little things to attempt to skew any situation.

Bear...well the little guy turns one on Monday!! We went this past weekend to take pictures (a family tradition). I had one framed to give to his parents. The supervisor took it today to the vist. All of my fears of them thinking it is corny were put to rest! They LOVED it :) They oohed and ahhed over it for awhile and just plain liked it :) He came home from the visit exhausted and VERY grumpy as usual so he went to be right after dinner...technically he fell asleep DURING dinner but you get the point. Well starting tomorrow I have a parade of visits from social workers. This is amidst the parade of doctors I see on a weekly basis... I feel QUITE popular

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Another week

Mav will be moved within the next week or week and ahalf. During the meeting the adoptive parents (this is a screwy situation trust me) and I were echoing each other and agreeing about behaviors and such. We ALL suspect RAD. The parents were ALSO not told things that should have been disclosed.
We both got in our displeasure about placement and workers not giving enough information to help US as parents give these children the help and support they need. In my short time I have a list of complaints about the system THIS is a BIG one.
Anyway I insisted that this boy be moved prior to my husband deploying period. He is SO different without a male role model present. But since I cannot give them a date, It is a matter of "this is when he has to leave"

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

She is GOOD

Today, I got Liams birth certificate in the mail!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

I forgot

It is about time but I called the wonderfully patient and kind lady who processes the birth certificates for adoptions in the state (she even gave me her direct number awhile back so I could call to check the status with her) she said..... "Oh hmm I remember him I have been looking for Liams paperwork since we last talked. Let me look for his papers in the incoming mail I just got. Nope not there, ok one last pile... Here it is!! I will move it to the top and process it after the ones I am currently processing" WOOOHOOO She even wondered what took the county so darn long to gether the papers. But for SSN purposes and military medical and passport etc she will'expidite her part as much as possible.
There are nice people out there. I am just happy the papers did show up I was getting worried a little

visit canceled

Yup another one. This time I am not upset about because I cancelled it :p Yeah we all have that crud that is going around. that congestion and cough. One of those things that we are told to let "run it's course" Since the youngers are getting better, I am not nervous about treating with a vaporizer and fluids and rest.
Me on the other hand.... Well the third tirmester...heck last MONTH of pregnancy plus coughing do NOT mix!! Bad enough I have to cross my legs when I sneeze but come on people this is outrageous!! Now that you all know a bit too much about my bladder I will leave you with those interesting visuals :)

Monday, February 04, 2008

I knew it

I had a meeting with Mav's social worker today. I expressed my concerns about his hbehavior and how at this point I cannot handle it. That fostering outside of my age range was a VERY bad idea (on my part) and I am better equipped for younger children.
Well one of my fears was false allegations with his RAD and the stories he told me about others.... Well apparently we are not feeding him. the social worker said I am NOT accusing you. I SEE how many snack foods alone you have out for the kids I have seen a dinner here, but I have to ask. Yeah We feed him duh if I didn't feed kids I could save a LOT of money!! lol
I am glad I am having him moved I CANNOT open myself up to another false allegation.


Yes it is highly possible since the tribe has shown interest they can take the baby and place him with a tribal family. There are siblings involved too. The biomom tried to get her 2 (or 3) year old placed with us too (I didn't know until after) but that little one went to a tribal family as well. They were fine with the baby being here when I comtacted them in June. But now that things are going in the direction of TPR they want to step in. Since the tribe is in another state I am not sure they CAN take anything over until the case goes to adoption. I suppose there is a slight chance things will go our way, but I am not going to count my chickens you know?
We are willing to take trips every other year to his tribal state where his siblings are. We already do a lot culturally (we did things before he got here but we are like that and find cultural events fun). We will see. I will enjoy him while we have him. He is a true joy everyone who sees him comments how his smile lights up a room.