Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Family is OUT!! Tribe is in :(

Well I contacted Bears Tribe when he first come to us. They wanted nothing to do with Mom nothing to do with the baby really but thatnked me for caring about the culture etc etc. NOW Thr tribe is coming in. It is almost NEVER good when that happens! So I will not count on keeping him :( This state has to investigate those placements. But with ICWA I am less than secondary when it comes to priority to keep him. Teach me to be 'just' white and a loving mom. UGH It makes me sad
Bio dad wants to relinquish! Get that! But because of the tribe.... I have little to no standing. UGH

Friday, January 25, 2008


Today in the mail I got two license exemptions to increase my capacity. Great right? Well these ere exemptions from JUNE! Haha yeah they are more than expired considering one was for 2 days and one was for 10 days. Well at least I got the paperwork right??

Other news. Bear will be staying! Not sure how long. Time is ticking for his parents.....we are approaching month 8 here soon and the state has moved RU to secondary at this point. Family that was supposed to take bear? Well nothing from them yet who knows. It has been months for them too. DH and I had some heart to hearts about this and well we want him to stay. The social worker was moving him because she thought me telling her I was pregnant was my way of saying I wanted him gone. not the case. So I am glad I pursued it. She is glad I did too she would rather he stay here!

Friday, January 18, 2008

And there it is RAD

Not nearly as rad as thing were when I used that as a word as a kid. But RAD is a bad bad word now. Mav ahh he is a good kid. But honestly his life has been so screwed up I can see why he is in this state. I started seeing the little white lies. Then the manipulation. Then he started to emotionaly terrorize the little kids. There IS no other way to put it honestly. He is relentless. Now the stealing items has started. Nothing he can use either. But the 9 y/o's glasses... his books things from the 6 y/o. Yeah you see the pattern right? younger=target to him.
Last night he up and pinched the 9 y/o hard enough to leave a welt that night and then a bruise later :(
He has crossed a line I can not allow to continue. I will not ever allow my children to live in fear. So today the ground rules will AGAIN be put down. He needs to respect others and the property of others. He has two weeks to make an improvement. Yes I have to set a time limit. I am here 8 months pregnant and I cannot handle the daily stress of his games and the torture the kids must feel.
I have however sworn off older kids. I know I know 'but you cannot judge them all on two experiences' Once he is gone, I will ONLY take younger kids. period.
We were lied to , umm misinformed, about his status by being told he was legally free. There is no chance of adoption. He knows this, we now know this. BUT he, during his visits is holding it over his parents heads that we are his mom and dad and we will adopt him yadda yadda. Manipulation again

Friday, January 11, 2008

Did I mention??

That our 6 year olds biomom had another child in November. A little girl. I was hoping that she ould have her stuff together and keep it that way. Nope she is now in jail again (in another state). The baby girl is now with her grandmother. BUT I mentioned to her dad (who we also adopted and he is near us) that if things go the same way as the 6y/o that we would be open to taking in the little girl too. I also contacted the 6 y/o's adoption worker. I HOPE it doesn't come to this girl ending up in the system and it being dragged out for entirely too long.
People, I will never understand them and the way they think

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bear and Mav

Update on Bear move to relatives... Well they haven't done anything! No turning in background checks or fingerprint or anything! Seriously?!?!?!! If this were my relative I would jump through the hoops in an expidited manner you know? Not sit on the paperwork for a few months and not return phone calls. I am not very confident this will follow through. The bad thing is he will probably be moved anyway!!! I have the his worker know he is not a burden I have a support system and he will be cared for after I have the baby BUT we will see how things go I suppose. UGH
Mav, he got to see his adoptive mom and dad today!!!! I know I am excited. I was lied to or maybe ahem misinformed (insert rolling eyes here) Mav is NOT legally free for adoption. I thought so based on things I had learned but there is no doubt. DO NOT get me wrong I want this boy back where he feels comfortale with his parents. He has had enough disruption in his life. He had a good visit and he was happy to see them again. Maybe things will move quickly for his return home? Eh that is hoping a bit much for the system though

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

"ringing" in the New Year

Nah nothing like that. I am surly not a drinker ESPECIALLY not now. However my phone rings at 2:45 am. It was after hours placement asking if we could take in an 8y/o girl. I had to say no. We simply to not have the space to accomodate a girl (to county standards) at this point. Is it bad to say I was surprised to ONLY get the one phone call over the holidays?