Sunday, September 14, 2008

sometimes I forget

Sometimes I forget that our 6 year old came from a 'not so wonderful past'. Yet today he reminded me twice.
We were talking about a friend of his. The topic of Dads came up and he asked about his birthdad (for the first time in a long time if ever). He said he hoped to see him sometime soon. I explained to him that his birthdad was still making choices that were not safe. He asked what his birthdad was doing. Since he knows (in a general sense) about drugs and excessive drinking. I explained he was still fighting his problems with those. And he said "how long has he faught them? Since he was a kid?" I said yes pretty much. He said he has to get tougher so he can win finally LOL that was great logic for him. After that he didn't ask more though.

Then I made a late dinner tonight. He came to me and said "there is a weird thing going on in my tummy!" I asked what he said "it is making noises! I think I am hungry. I have never had that feeling here before" It made me sad to think about the fact he has EVER felt hungy anywhere before.

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Nicki Mann said...

But how great is it that, when he did feel a little bit hungry, he barely recognized the feeling? He's been so well taken care of by you. It sucks about his birth dad... Little Bear and MOnkeyboy are going through something similar. Their birth dad has been in jail, and we just found out he is going to prison for 13 years at least! We still haven't told them. They were seeing him on weekends, and now they're not going to see him at all for the next 13 years!
Sometimes it sucks to be a kid, huh.